Monday, October 30, 2006

Silly Hayden sporting one of Talor's hats. Ummm, I think it's a bit small.

Ryan and Steve Paul with TalorHaydenEmma girls. We hope they will all be good friends one day.

Ryan's aunt Donna (Sherry's sister from Momence, IL) and cousin Lisa (Denver, CO) came to visit us on Sat. We love them both and wish we could see them more often.

Talor during her sponge bath.

Bubble Baths

Recently I purchased some Gerber Lavender baby soap. While I was filling up the tub for Hayden's bath, Ryan walks in and says "What's that smell? Smells so good! Is it Hayden's new soap? Can I take a bath too?"

I tried to take some pictures of the girls, but it's almost impossible to do that at this age without someone holding Hayden back from tackling Talor.
Notice the cute matching Pooh outfits that our neighbors gave them;-)

I love when she waves!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monkey Babies

The girls are doing great! Growing and learning everyday. We love them a lot.

Aunt Alicia bought Hayden and Talor these cute monkeys on her last little trip to Chicago. Thanks Alicia!!!

Talor with her monkey.

Yes, Bipin this face is a bit weird. I call it her "Pirate Face". Not sure where she picked it up, but I am hoping that it's just a phase

I took Hayden to Southlake Mall and they were giving these Little Mermaid crowns at the Disney store.

Tiny Talor with her thermometer...

...and a 10 dollar bill.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Zipper Queen and Little Baby

Little girl

Pretty girl

Ryan and Hayden heading out for a Sat. morning walk to the square.

I love when Hayden falls asleep in her high chair.

Hayden has officially mastered zippers! I found this out when she removed everything from my purse.

Snow day!

Hayden helped up organize and baby-proof the house last week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Girls

WOW! How do the moms with 3+ kids do it? They must be stronger than me. Yes, it's been an adjustment having Talor home and taking care of two kids under 1 year. I never knew I could live off of so little sleep. Talor is awake from 8pm to 7am and Hayden is awake from 7am to 8pm. It's a zoo around here, but I would not trade it for anything.
As we get closer to Hayden's 1st birthday (Nov. 22) I have been getting more emotional about the fact the my baby is growing up. Oh, she started to crawl the day we brought Talor home from the hospital. That was a surprise;-)
Talor is doing well and weighs 5 lbs. and 12 oz. She loves to cuddle and cat nap in our arms. However, she is still unable to have a bowel movement on her own. This does cause her discomfort most of the time.


Ryan took Hayden on a date to Lighthouse Outlet Mall a few days ago and got her the shoes in this picture.

Michelle H. took these during the joint service a Crosspoint. Thanks Michelle!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Babies everywhere!

I love this cute cow outfit!

After a nice warm bottle.

First car ride.

Monday, October 02, 2006

New hat and Baby Bunny update

Talor is gaining weight! She is now at 5 lbs. and 2 oz. She has also kept up a good temperature and has been able to sleep in her crib for the last 3 days!
Please keep praying that her tummy keeps digesting food.

Grandma Smith gave Hayden a Dora the Explorer hat on Friday. Yes, Hayden wore it for most of the day. She did not even take it off while riding in the car. This was a first. Good job Hayden!