Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Vacation Fun....

This was Hayden's second time swimming. As you can see she seems to like it. She will be starting swimming lessons at the YMCA next month, but we thought we would give her a head start.

Ryan is giving a little recap of what we did on our last day of vacation. Hayden at this point had been awake for about 16 hours. She did eventually fall asleep 1 hour later.
We briefly refer to a mouse being in our room earlier. This did happen. Ryan went to the bathroom around 5:30am and all I heard was "Oh God, oh God" followed by some very loud stomping sounds on the tile....He killed it and we moved rooms.


Bipin Sen said...

she seems to do well in the pool. priya hated her first time. we hope she does better this year.

Michelle said...

Addy loved the pool last year but the last time we tried taking her swimming she was terrified!! I'm glad to see Hayden is a natural!

Its fun to see how much you guys are enjoying her. Hope you're still feeling good Joy!

Kathy said...

A mouse... in your room...eeek!!

Nice to see Hayden loves the water, Connor was a waterbaby last year, he kept diving under the water. I wonder how he'll be this year? Let us know how the swimming leasons go, I want to take the kids this year.

How is the pregnancy coming along?