Monday, November 07, 2005

I think God intended us to sing so that lungs fill to capacity at least weekly

I find it unnerving to think about breathing. Jeff Gibson was my wife's lung doctor in Memphis. No real fear of downsizing in that field. I recently remembered to take a deep breath after some 100 days of intensely shallow breathing. I breathe shallow to control my environment. Perhaps I believe that personal stillness will calm the people around me. A succulent gulp of air portends outer madness for me. What a self-centered notion! To deeply believe that by modeling austerity I can prevent others from acting on impulses toward freedom and sincerity of expression. Well, this is what I do. Incidentally, I haven't excercised or sung at church in a long time. The exercise trickled down to mere nothingness during the beginning of this school year. My apathy in personal worship began several years ago. But I was thinking yesterday (Sunday) that my spiritual sluggishness could actually cause my physical undoing. While other jolly souls are filling their sacs and hearts with air, I might be robbing myself of life-giving and airborne sustenance. I also drank green tea yesterday and this seemed to undo approximately 1/3 of the damage caused by spritual apathy/non-exercising.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


The fight won't last long boys. The citizens of Verona and the frustrated Prince will come and spoil all your fun. But bite that thumb and frown. It's your scene! Swift pleasure is good medicine. For the youth of Verona, a quarrel eases the ennui of a Sunday morning. For us modern souls, just residing within the confines of the weekend heals our broken workaday spirits. As Garrison Keilor said this evening, "Fall has come to Minnesota." Fall has come to Indiana as well. My autumnal load of freshman essays has fallen heavily. But the wife, the prenatal kitten, and I escaped and trekked out for some towning today. We explored Lowell, Indiana and spotted old treasures varnished new (a hobby my father has reveled in lately). We saw a library table, twin to the one I type on now. And we drove through Cedar Lake and wondered what new mutations of white trash will grace this planet in the coming years. We've always anticipated a holiday like this Saturday and we pay tribute to it with deep inhalations of smouldering maple leaves!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Empty nest leads family to invite fine furniture burglars

Our daughter has made herself cozy in my wife's belly. Why did we buy this oak hewn crib? It's no enticement to our little queen. And after all, wouldn't the money invested at prime have yielded sweet dividends in the time that the crib has sat vacant? Real estate. You set up a devastatingly posh pad, sow your seed, and expect a little remuneration in the form of earth attendance. But our shy lass is drinking in the elixir of the purgatorial womb. She enjoys our sounds and our nutrients. She betrayed papa by clapping to a Jimmy Buffet song. Come on out little angel and lend me your ears. Daddy wants to teach you all about Obscure ALT> Rock.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bad shoes tire thighs (Thanks alot Johnston and Murphy)

I've been having a peculiar radiating heat in my left heel. It's not unpleasant; it feels rather alike to someone pouring hot coacoa down the back of my shoe. If the warmness was in any other area of my body it might even feel refreshing and therapeutic. But I know better than to ignore a hither to latent heel pain. What's worse is that my thighs are always tired. You may smile, thinking I'm being bawdy or suggestive, but if you've ever been exhausted in the region of this major muscle group, you know that it can take the zest right out of things. For instance, walking has been the pits. I've been sliding instead of the typically executed way of walking. If you are considering buying Johnston and Murphy shoes, save your money and buy Rockports instead. I haven't taken a good honest step in 3 months.

19 days and counting...

Well, I am eagerly and impatiently waiting for the birth of our baby girl. "They" say she should be here by Nov. 22
I had my 6th ultrasound yesterday and she looks healthy and strong and weighs a whopping 6 lbs. and 3 oz. (approximately). Although, "they" do say that ultrasound weight estimates can be off by 1 lb. up or down...This was the second time however that the technician commented on her slightly larger, but normal head size. I can only hope this estimate is slightly wrong.
All that to say, I can't wait to meet my perfectly beautiful baby!