Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bad shoes tire thighs (Thanks alot Johnston and Murphy)

I've been having a peculiar radiating heat in my left heel. It's not unpleasant; it feels rather alike to someone pouring hot coacoa down the back of my shoe. If the warmness was in any other area of my body it might even feel refreshing and therapeutic. But I know better than to ignore a hither to latent heel pain. What's worse is that my thighs are always tired. You may smile, thinking I'm being bawdy or suggestive, but if you've ever been exhausted in the region of this major muscle group, you know that it can take the zest right out of things. For instance, walking has been the pits. I've been sliding instead of the typically executed way of walking. If you are considering buying Johnston and Murphy shoes, save your money and buy Rockports instead. I haven't taken a good honest step in 3 months.

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