Saturday, November 05, 2005


The fight won't last long boys. The citizens of Verona and the frustrated Prince will come and spoil all your fun. But bite that thumb and frown. It's your scene! Swift pleasure is good medicine. For the youth of Verona, a quarrel eases the ennui of a Sunday morning. For us modern souls, just residing within the confines of the weekend heals our broken workaday spirits. As Garrison Keilor said this evening, "Fall has come to Minnesota." Fall has come to Indiana as well. My autumnal load of freshman essays has fallen heavily. But the wife, the prenatal kitten, and I escaped and trekked out for some towning today. We explored Lowell, Indiana and spotted old treasures varnished new (a hobby my father has reveled in lately). We saw a library table, twin to the one I type on now. And we drove through Cedar Lake and wondered what new mutations of white trash will grace this planet in the coming years. We've always anticipated a holiday like this Saturday and we pay tribute to it with deep inhalations of smouldering maple leaves!

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