Thursday, August 31, 2006

Talor's room and our little duck

Here is a preview of Hayden's Halloween costume. If we say "quack quack" she will answer back "duh duh". So we thought this would be fitting.

Ryan and Grandpa Jim have been pretty busy building Talor's room. This was the worst room in the house and that's why it's one of the last getting done. It had a huge "speed bump" running down the middle of the room's floor, super gross carpet, and THE ugliest wall paper combo I have ever seen.
So, if some of you do not see these guys for a while, it's because they are working to get the room done before our little girl arrives.
Thanks guys!

This wall was all closet and cut up walls.

This is looking into our basement. They took out the whole floor to get that "speed bump" out.

Another picture of the hole in the middle of the room.


Kathy said...

Talor is such a beautiful name, we can not wait to finally see her, in her new room too!

Michelle said...

wow the room looks..... well, like its GOING to be great!! :)

I LOVE the duck costume. Last year Addy was a chicken. Our little birds should have a play date if you're up to it! Let me know.