Friday, December 15, 2006

Been a LONG time!

One of the many gates in our gated community. Good one G. Smith
Hayden and Uncle Dave C. I will post more birthday pictures soon!

The Christmas Tree walk in St. John.

Teddy bear and toy stroller form cousin Veronica. Thanks!!!

We celebrated a few birthdays on Thanksgiving-Hayden, me, and cousin Melanie.

Pretty Priya!

Hayden playing with cousin Veronica.

We had the honor of attending the Hodge's wedding. It was lovely and the food was AMAZING!

Hayden liked the food too.

Talor Bellle

Hayden LOVES her bath time. Although, I think we might be in for some trouble as she learns how to climb out!Pretty girl.


rjriegel said...

talor is really beautiful, she has the most lovely lips - miss you guys hope you're doing well... aaron and autumn stanley are expecting!

Bipin Sen said...

i love the picture of hayden and alicia! very funny.

hey that priya kid is really cute! i wonder what her parents are like.. ;-)

Kathy said...

Nice to see you back, are you too busy or something..? JUST KIDDING!!!! How is parenting 2? Little Taylor has grown in length, and ofcourse Hayden as is cute as ever!

candi said...

Thanks for the update!! I have been missing you guys!

Michelle said...

Kathy & I were tthinking alike... I thought, "Its not like you're busy or anything!"

It was nice seeing you last week. What a relief the video turned out!

Talor already looks so much bigger! And it looks like Hayden LOVES her bath. She should give Addy some lessons!!