Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

My resolution is to NOT deliver a baby this year;-) No, seriously.

Talor is the most smiley baby I have ever seen, we call her "Clown Fish."

These two look related...
I love my Hayden girl.

The day after Christmas we took Hayden to the Brookfield Zoo. It was freezing, but we had a ton of fun. She got her face painted too!
Mr. Polar Bear.

Little Blue Bird.

Oh, did you hear? Ryan has a new job!
We went with some of Ryan's cousins. This is Veronica.

Feeding my fishies.We had fun dressing Hayden up as an animal.
i do not think she thought it was as fun as we did.

She LOVED looking in all the cages at the little animals.

And she had no problem with petting Mr. Hamster.
Both Veronica and Hayden had fun with the Lemurs.

My little Lemurs.

Oh, did I mention it was freezing?!? We had to make a stop at the gift shop to get some warmer apparel before. There was a nice 50% off holiday sale too!

Hope you all have a blessed, happy, and safe 2007! I look forward to another year of sharing life together.


zoqi1234 said...
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candi said...

Hi Happy new year!! Isn't the Hamill family play zoo the best?? We love that part of the zoo the most. Interactive is always good!

Bipin Sen said...

happy new year guys! hasn't the weather been so weird? who thought it would be even thinkable going to the zoo after christmas? great pictures! very very cute family!

rjriegel said...

beautiful family! great resolution ;) talor is really getting bigger!

love you guys

Michelle said...

hayden is so smiley in the post below - I love it! is she always like that?

Is she into Dora? Addy doesn't know Dora yet - she's still Elmo crazy but I've heard once they go Dora they never go back! She's the rage!

Lisa said...

your girls are SOOO super cute... as always! I am excited even thinking about taking Jules to the zoo this next year. this summer we went to the teeney Michigan City zoo... her favorite animal was the FENCE! It's only up from there! Happy New Year!