Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is what we have been doing since March 25, 2007

Hayden's first visit to McDonalds! She LOVED it!
Hayden feeding baby Talor.
Winter hikes at the Dunes.


Bipin Sen said...

Another dead blog that has come back to life!!! We're looking forward to seeing you guys more consistently soon!

RJM said...

miss you guys... a LOT

Anonymous said...

that photograph of hayden looks like jane when she eats mcdonalds... 8^O

candi said...

Welcome back!!! You have been missed!

Michelle said...

Joy, I'll get you a price list soon. My website isn't quite done yet! When are you looking to take pictures?

I'm surprised you made it this long without McDonalds! I guess it was a bit harder for me since I have a personal addiction to fast food.... :(