Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Loyal Fan and Baby Bunny

Here is Hayden displaying her loyalty to the White Sox.

Hayden is looking more and more like a little girl. Who do you think she looks like, mommy or daddy?

Talor is doing much better. Her tummy has gone down to a normal size and she is eating from a bottle again. She weighs 4 lbs. and 12 oz. Getting bigger!!! She has also been able to maintain her own temperature, this means she has been out of the isolette and in a crib.
We love this white hat the nurses put on her. One of her nicknames is Bunny.


Kathy said...

I love her hands by her face, so cute. I don't know whos Hayden looks more like, I think she is a good mix.

Anonymous said...

well... i think the the upper half of her face is like yours.

good to know about talor. she's making a comeback like a champ!

Anonymous said...

i'm w/ Kath - I really can't tell! but, if i had to guess i'd have to say she favors Ryan but maybe its just the coloring...?

So glad to hear Talor is doing well... we'reall so eager for a full recovery.