Friday, September 22, 2006

TODAY: Hayden = 10 months old and Talor = 3 weeks old

Sorry for the delay in posts. It's been busy!
Talor gave us a bit of a scare when Ryan arrived yesterday for her 6am feeding. During the night she had apparently developed a Distended Belly. It looked pretty bad and forced her to go back on an IV and into a warmer (she had just graduated to a crib 12 hours before). She had a host of blood tests, x-rays, and had a camera go inside and take pictures of her intestines. After all of that they really do not know why she ballooned like that, but as of 6am today she is doing great and her belly is back to normal. She will resume bottle feeding too. Yahoo!
We will be taking more pictures of her tonight.


Anonymous said...

wow. you guys are doing really well through all this. it's hard for me not to think how i would be freaking out at everything. i think god gives us grace when we need it. we're looking forward to seeing talor running around with all of this waaaay behind her.

Kathy said...

I agree with Bipin...! We can not wait to see the 2 little princesses playing and giggeling together.

Anonymous said...

I hear things are getting better! (We're getting other updates too :)) We're still praying and looking forward to the day we can come visit your healthy, strong little girl at HOME!!!