Monday, October 30, 2006

Bubble Baths

Recently I purchased some Gerber Lavender baby soap. While I was filling up the tub for Hayden's bath, Ryan walks in and says "What's that smell? Smells so good! Is it Hayden's new soap? Can I take a bath too?"

I tried to take some pictures of the girls, but it's almost impossible to do that at this age without someone holding Hayden back from tackling Talor.
Notice the cute matching Pooh outfits that our neighbors gave them;-)

I love when she waves!


Anonymous said...

ahhh... freshly bathed babies.. don't they smell so good?!! is that the pirate look again? it's so funny!

too bad you didn't like tandoor. what about it wasn't good? when did you last go?

candi said...

Cute pictures!! You will have so much fun dressing them alike!! Who knows someday they will probably wear the same size!

Anonymous said...

I like the one where Hayden is grinning at the camera and Talor looks so tiny next to her!