Monday, October 23, 2006

Monkey Babies

The girls are doing great! Growing and learning everyday. We love them a lot.

Aunt Alicia bought Hayden and Talor these cute monkeys on her last little trip to Chicago. Thanks Alicia!!!

Talor with her monkey.

Yes, Bipin this face is a bit weird. I call it her "Pirate Face". Not sure where she picked it up, but I am hoping that it's just a phase

I took Hayden to Southlake Mall and they were giving these Little Mermaid crowns at the Disney store.

Tiny Talor with her thermometer...

...and a 10 dollar bill.


Anonymous said...

what's that look on hayden's face?!! it's cute though! i got a little bit of an update from sherry on how you guys are doing. nice to see pictures also. talor is growing, no doubt. keep doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

What precious little girls you have!! I love seeing Talor's size compared to things! She is such a peanut!

Kathy said...

She is tiny, but she does look like she is growing.
Connor had many "weird faces". Toddlers are silly hey...and SO much fun.

Lisa said...

your girls as so cute. I love Haydens face in 'that photo'. Julia is expressing some similiar ones lately. Talor looks so content and happy and healthy! : )

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. I like the coloring of the one of Hayden in the kitchen. You might remember Adeline making weird (ugly) faces a while back. She's outgrown it for the most part. Take lots of pictures while you can - even though I wished she'd smile at the time now I"m wishing she'd make them again - I miss them!