Monday, October 16, 2006

Zipper Queen and Little Baby

Little girl

Pretty girl

Ryan and Hayden heading out for a Sat. morning walk to the square.

I love when Hayden falls asleep in her high chair.

Hayden has officially mastered zippers! I found this out when she removed everything from my purse.

Snow day!

Hayden helped up organize and baby-proof the house last week.


Anonymous said...

ryan looks like a bonafide dad in that picture. they look really cute together. boy. hayden is such a ham for the camera! cuu-uu-ute!

Kathy said...

she is cute! About sleeping babies in high chairs, Connor once fell sleep with a sppon of food in his mouth...quite the sight!

Little Taylor is growing!

Hi-League Blog!!! said...

Hey Joy,

This is Jason from the "Guinea Pig"
class of Visible! Christina found your site through the vs boards...

Wow!!! Married, house, school, and most notable, two beautiful girls! Very cool...looks like that prophecy from Mike is holding up...prophecy from God...delivered by Mike...I think that's better...
Glad to see you and FAMILY(Geesh!) are doing good!
I'll be stopping by now!!!